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Work + Friends


This week, in addition to our 12-week ultrasound, we told our works and friends. By the looks of it, my boss just happens to be approximately 13-months pregnant. She was so happy for me when I told her. I also got a high-five from Beth and all Kelli could do was jump up and down, clap + proclaim that she is a great babysitter; I hope she knows what she’s in for.

A pregnancy rumor has been spreading on Stephanie’s floor and the other nurses have been on a witch hunt to find out who it is. She was finally able to put the rumor to rest and told the nursing supervisor that she was the guilty party. Her supervisor was very supportive and happy for her. At least now she has a legitimate reason to avoid x-rays and other potentially damaging procedures.

I emailed Josh, Jared + John this morning and they wrote back with jokes and congratulations.

Now, we can finally be public.