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Weird, Weird Dreams

I had dreams last night. weird, weird dreams.

We lived in some suburban condo complex, but the neighbors were the same and had rented their place. I looked out the front window and saw our macho neighbor standing there, dutifully collecting things to carry down to his car. No big deal.

Except that he had on copious amounts of rouge, a curly blonde wig, heels and a polka dot dress.

We had strained conversation and then I ran back to Stephanie, who was in the shower, to tell her all about his crossdressing nonchalance.

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Federal law required that they be lying down

The other dream was that Stephanie, Satch and I were standing on Michigan Ave, but it wasn’t quite Michigan Avenue.

There was also another couple with a dog.

Suddenly we realized that we were standing in front of a post office.

A postal worker came out and told us that if we were going to have our dogs out front of the post office, federal law required that they be lying down.

So I made Satch lie down and no sooner did he roll onto his side when a brown wild rabbit ran out of the field, came right up to his nose and nuzzled it.

Then I saw that the rabbit actually had a bone with some meat on it. They shared.