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Top Gifts

I know, the last thing the internets needs right now is another top gifts list. whatever, here’s mine.

Citizen eco drive military watch

This watch is simple, masculine + durable. it recharges its battery with light – any light. and it’s water resistant to 100 meters.

ruff dawg stick

the. best. dog. toy. ever. let’s see… since satch has entered our lives we’ve replaced a couch, a chair, an ottoman, a baseboard, and repaired two windowsills. he has disemboweled countless toys and destroyed shoes, hats, gloves, underwear. but we’ve only had one ruff dawg stick. it’s chewy, it’s pully, it floats. amazing.

clarks desert boot

classic, comfortable and light. sure, they’re nothing to look at on their own, but throw them on with some jeans. they’ll grow on you.


i don’t send red exclamation mark emails and i try to refrain from saying things are life-changing. my iphone was life-changing, and so is 1password. it generates and remembers secure passwords, securely stores credit cards. it’s phenomenal.

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I don’t send red exclamation mark emails and I try to refrain from saying things are life-changing. My iPhone was life-changing, and so is 1Password

rei thermo glittens

they’re gloves, they’re mittens. they’re glittens! these are super-warm and completely block out the wind.

canon 50mm f1.4 USM

this lens is a dream come true. the low-light capability combined with the silent, crazy-fast ultrasonic motor is outstanding. it’s a strange idea, but the fixed 50mm focal length is forces creativity in other ways.

the canon 50mm f1.8 II is no slouch either
jcrew merino v-neck

you should have three of these. at least.

jcrew white oxford

with jeans? check. with a suit? check. under the v-neck sweater? check.

the new york times “t” hat

sure, it’s dorky, but how else are you supposed to let people know you’re a liberal elitist? i guess an npr hat would work too.

threadless one handprint of nature t-shirt

compliments aplenty.

tweetie for iphone

use it. tweet. tweet about using it.

wired magazine

not just for internet geeks. it’s always good for some great technology/life/privacy articles.