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Our condo has been on the market for over seven months. I suppose I should say had been, as we took it off just over a week ago. We have been wanting to move to a little bit of a larger place, but we weren’t really in any rush. With Gus’ impending arrival, we had quite a bit more motivation to find somewhere to live with a little more room and a lot more sound insulation. Being able to hear a baby cry from two floors below us isn’t terribly encouraging, especially for our neighbors.

Two and a half housing heartbreaks later, the house hunt has completely taken over our lives and the stress has really been prohibiting us from enjoying anything. Even Gus. And that’s just not right. So we’re almost certainly going to settle in here for the next two years. We’ll add some sound insulation to the shared wall and get a nice sleeper sofa for when family comes to stay the night. Our condo is lovely and we’ll just have to do a few things to make it perfect for a baby.

Our to-do list just became significantly shorter and now we will be able to spend more focus on the countless positive parts of our lives, most importantly, Gus.