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(My sister unexpectedly died on March 31, 2015. This was my eulogy.)

I’m sure that all of us here realize that Jan lived a life of struggle. A life so full of trials that most of us are fortunate enough to never experience anything like it. Having her mother stolen from her at such a young age; facing terrifying medical issues that ended up continuing for her entire life; dealing with unemployment; battling depression. But throughout all of the hurdles in her path, only one thing filled her heart.

In a life filled with tragedies big and small, Jan lived with nothing but absolute love in her heart.


Jan lived a life of blindness. Blind faith. Blind trust.

She turned over every aspect of her life to that blindness. And sure, it was occasionally frustrating to those of us who didn’t share the clarity that came with her trust, but she was wholly committed to it. Wholly trusting in it.

And many times, her commitment and dedication to that trust came through for her. It was usually on timelines that were difficult for others to endure, but she had the patience to trust.

The blindness wasn’t just faith and trust though, the blindness was also blind joy.

No one ever had to guess when Jan was happy. You could see it on her face, you could feel that ridiculous uncontrollable giggle bubbling up from deep inside of her until it burst through her flushed cheeks, you could hear it as she ambushed you with her booming laughter. When Jan was happy, it was really, really difficult for you to not be happy as well.

What a legacy.


The other thing that we all knew about Jan is that she was the glue that held the family together. She knew that was her job, and she took it seriously.

And now she’s left a space in our lives, but it’s not empty. It’s full of the only thing she ever wanted. This vacancy is made whole by this room. This room full of us–this room full of family. All appreciating each other; feeling fortunate to have each other; filling this room with love.

So now, her lasting gift is to inspire us to not need the glue to hold us together, but to live every present moment feeling connected to one another. To live every present moment feeling so very lucky in the realization that we are not alone.

What an amazing legacy.