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Impossibly Far Away

Nine months ago, this seemed impossibly far away. now, it can be counted in days, instead of months. Isla is nearly here, and I can say without a doubt that one of the most exciting, rewarding and mind-bending experiences of my entire life is about to happen. Not even my life so far, but of my entire life, until I die.

Stephanie and I are awaiting the arrival of this tiny stranger who we will instantly + unconditionally love from the very moment we set eyes on her. There was a time before I met and fell in love with Stephanie that I didn’t know her; I didn’t know who she was. There was even a more recent time when we did meet, but weren’t in love and only knew each other from passing by. Eventually (although we are talking a very short “eventually”) we grew to love each other and fell in love. It was something of a build up with subtle, deepening exchanges, that led us to where we are. But isla is going to be the big bang. From the nothingness of an empty baby björn to a previously unimaginable explosion of love.

It is truly mind-bending.

Stephanie’s body is getting ready to release Isla into the world, and Satch + Punks are certainly aware of the impending change. Punks is always now on Stephanie’s belly, and Satch is noticably gentler to and concerned with her.

We’ve had our baby showers and the bedding + clothes are washed and put away. We are just waiting now.