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AT&T U-verse Has Been Awful

On June 15, I ordered AT&T U-verse internet for our new condo. They quickly sent a confirmation message for my self-install kit, with an activation date of June 23. I was puzzled as to why flipping on a port in an office would take eight days, but whatever. The modem and router arrived from UPS on Monday, June 20. Perfect.

Les, an installation tech came out on June 23 to do something–perhaps make sure we were wired from the box to our unit–even though it’s a self-install. He left me a voicemail as he was leaving because he said he wasn’t sure which line was our line. He said he would have come in to see if the line was toning in our unit, but he didn’t know which unit was our unit. Also said it would be a waste of his time to connect one, in case it was the wrong one.

There are only two units in our building.*

He said he didn’t see our name on the buzzer. Yet, he saw a buzzer labeled with the not our last name, and a buzzer that was not labeled.* My wife stayed home the entire day just in case he would need to be let in. He never tried.

I immediately called tech support, and they rescheduled for another technician to come out the next day, between 9:00AM and 11:00AM. My wife was forced to spend a second day off, at home.

No one came.

I called tech support again. The agent on the phone said that he was seeing some strange notes on our account, and that a computer glitch had caused the appointment to not actually be scheduled. I’m not sure if he thought he was speaking with his grandmother, but computers don’t have glitches. People mess up. So he rescheduled for a technician to come out between 11:00AM and 1:00PM.

No one came.

As of 2:45, still no one had come. I called tech support again. This time I was told that the appointment was actually scheduled for between 1:00PM and 3:00PM.

I was advanced to tier two support for some unknown reason. After 12 minutes, that agent determined he should submit a ticket to the central office to turn on our port, and that no one would need to physically come to our condo.

He said that our service would be turned on within four to 12 hours. I’m not holding my breath.

It’s now 3:30PM, and no one has come.

We’ve since gone over our iPhone data limit, and have had to pay for more data. I told the tech support agent that it’s not just widly inconvenient, but that these AT&T errors are now costing us money too. He said I would have to call back after my account was set up and ask for billing to see if they could issue a credit. I’m sorry, what?

I’ve just started interacting with @ATTCustomerCare and @ATTJason, hopefully they can make it better.

*I see a great opportunity to consult for AT&T. They have a tremendous need for development of deductive reasoning skills.