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It has been entirely too long since I last wrote about Gus. Sorry Gus. Even as I haven’t been writing about the little thing, it’s been the only thing on our minds. We’ve been busy thinking about names, picking out furniture and choosing paint colors. The second bedroom is quickly transforming from office to nursery. All of those tangible changes are so much fun, but the real fun starts on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning at 8:00, we have the 20-week ultrasound. Stephanie will make sure she’s properly hydrated and we’ll find out all about Gus’ health, size & weight. Most exciting of all is finding out what Gus is. No more its; we’re moving on to hes or shes. We’ve already picked out two sets of bedding and two paint colors. Stephanie’s finger is already on the Pottery Barn Kids checkout button.

Gus’ growth has been amazing. For 17 weeks, the little thing grew and grew, but was so small that Stephanie didn’t really change. Suddenly, two weeks ago, this tiny little belly started appearing and, inside of it, a little kicking monster. We now spend large chunks of time just staring at her belly, waiting for Gus to kick or punch again. She’s my beautiful little pregnant wife.

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She’s my beautiful little pregnant wife.

We rented a belly beats fetal doppler monitor for the month. It’s amazing to hear that tiny little thing beating away 155 times per minute. It’s such a strange thing to imagine this little bugger inside of Stephanie. Obviously it’s still dependent on her for food & shelter, but it has its own heartbeat; its own little brain. It’s completely baffling; so I did what any good dad-to-be would do: I made a ringtone.