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And Then There Was Gus


Step Four: Excitement, wait we already had that step. EXCITEMENT!, that’s better

We went to Northwestern today and met Sara. There were pregnant ladies everywhere and soon-to-be big brothers and sisters. I didn’t realize how frequently kids come in sets. Stephanie peed in a cup, had her blood pressure & blood taken and then we sat down with Sara. She’s unimaginably better in person than we could have ever guessed. Sara’s all about normalcy and sure, we’ll deliver in a hospital but the doctors will only intervene if there is something wrong. No induction unless it is urgently and medically necessary. Phenomenal. She went over all of the questions with us.

“Genetic disorders?”





Barely even socially.


No way.


“Here’s what you need to watch out for; do you eat meat?”


“Oh, well there’s nothing you need to watch out for then.”

Then we were off to the ultrasound. This whole thing has been unreal; like we were in a movie. After a quick exam, the screen came to life as Sara hunted for the little thing.

And then there was gus. All of a sudden, this little being was up there on the screen. Holy shit, there it is. Those 10 tests and that mild nausea were all right there. It’s real. Gus is real and living inside of Stephanie. We both melted. How can this be real?

And Then There Was Gus ×

Then it moved. It fucking moved. Even Sara was surprised. It was in that moment that everything just. Went. Away.

This little flippered alien parasite became lovable. I love this thing. You could make out its yolk sac, its little tail and flippers. Its brain hole.

What to call it, what to call it? We don’t know what it is yet, and we don’t want to give it a name only to not like the name later. I’ve got it. Gus. Gus, for Giant Uber Surprise.

I could even see its heartbeat. There it was, this tiny pixelated fluctuation from gray to black to gray to black to gray to black. Amazing.

Then it moved. It fucking moved. Even Sara was surprised. It was in that moment that everything. Just. Went. Away.

Are we young? Yes, whatever.

Can we afford this? Who cares? Yes. I don’t know. Yes.

Will our families freak out? Yes. No. No, not now. They’ll be thrilled

Wait, did it really just move? How is that possible?

Sara snapped a fuzzy picture, and we resolved to bring a camera to the next ultrasound. It’s real. It’s finally totally real. It was very hard to concentrate at work for the rest of the day.