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A Telling Weekend


Steve + Cheryl

We told Steve + Cheryl this weekend. Stephanie has been absolutely beside herself scared about telling them and I’ve been trying to tell her that I think they’ll be thrilled. She could happily admit that I was right.

We were sitting at the island having lunch when Cheryl asked what Stephanie wanted to tell them. After a moment of hesitation, she blurted out that we were going to have a baby. Eyes instantly brimming with tears, both Steve + Cheryl were thrilled. beyond thrilled. Steve proclaimed that it was exactly what they need in their lives and there were hugs all around and bubbly almost all around.


Unfortunately, Dana had to settle for over the phone. It was a normal weekend conversation that was beginning to ebb when I happened to mention that I had something to tell her.

“Stephanie and I are having a baby.”

She gasped-choked and immediately started to cry. she was so happy and wanted to know how far along we were, how Stephanie was feeling, everything. She was thrilled.